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Vol 29, Issue 4 — December 2015

16 Sep 2016 10:18 PM | Anonymous

Welcome to the final issue of AOS News for 2015. I’d like to thank everyone who contributed articles and news items throughout the year to AOS News. In particular I’d like to thank Tony Klein, who always manages to supply a fascinating item for the Optics in Everyday Life section, and Stephen Collins and Ann Roberts who have great suggestions for news items and for people to approach for articles. Baohua Jia has done an excellent job of dealing with the financial and membership side of things, after taking over from Simon Fleming as Honorary Treasurer, so thanks to her as well. As you will see in this issue, Shelley Martin has also been a great help on the financial side for many years, and has continued to assist this year whilst transferring over to Baohua, so thanks a lot to Shelley as well.

AOS News Dec 2015.pdf

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