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  • 23 Oct 2018
  • 11:00 AM
  • Geoff Opat Seminar Room, Level 6, David Caro (Physics) Building, The University of Melbourne

Professor Colin Sheppard

School of Chemistry, University of Wollongong

Image scanning microscopy:

The new confocal microscope

Image scanning microscopy (ISM) is a variant of confocal microscopy in which the detector and pinhole of the confocal microscope are replaced by a detector array. As a result, the major disadvantage of confocal microscopy, that the pinhole throws away much of the available light, reducing signal level and the potential for resolution improvement, is avoided. ISM thus allows the resolution to be improved, relative to a conventional microscope, while maintaining a strong signal and retaining the optical sectioning property. Image scanning microscopy can be applied in fluorescence or reflectance (scattering) modes.

11:00 am, Tuesday 23 October 2018

Geoff Opat Seminar Room

Level 6

David Caro (Physics) Building

The University of Melbourne

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