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Imaging and Optical Physics seminar

  • 06 Mar 2018
  • School of Physics, David Caro building, Parkville Campus, the University of Melbourne (corner Swanston Street and Tin Alley)

Agenda for Imaging and Optical Physics seminar (6 March 2016)

11:00 am - 12:00 noon. Prof. Les J. Allen (The University of Melbourne)

Title of the talk: The quest for quantitative analytical microscopy at atomic resolution
Abstract: Modern aberration-corrected electron microscopes are capable of a range of analytical techniques for atomic resolution materials analysis. In scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM) mode, Z-contrast imaging is routinely used and in recent years has become a quantitative technique, making possible the counting of atoms and, more recently, the three-dimensional imaging of individual dopant atoms within small clusters. New detectors optimized for rapid x-ray collection in STEM enable energy dispersive x-ray (EDX) spectral mapping at the atomic scale. Electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS) permits the user to collect low-loss and core-loss spectrum images as a function of probe position, providing complementary analytical information to EDX mapping. These techniques are made more powerful when coupled to an understanding of the elastic and inelastic scattering processes underlying the measured signals and substantial progress has been made towards making these techniques quantitative at the atomic scale.

11:30 pm – 12 noon. Dr. Leonie Flueckiger (La Trobe University)

Subject of the talk: Femtosecond diffraction from nanocrystals of Buckminsterfullerene at XFEL
Abstract: TBA

12 noon – 12:30 pm. Other topics of interest and discussion

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