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X-ray Optics Seminar at Monash University

  • 01 Aug 2017
  • 2:30 PM
  • Level 1, Large Seminar Room 107, 10 College Walk, Clayton Campus

Dynamic phase contrast x-ray imaging at the Munich Compact Light Source

Dr Kaye Morgan, Monash University

Abstract: Phase contrast x-ray imaging is a popular technique at synchrotron imaging beamlines, utilising the associated coherence to reveal soft tissue structures and the available flux to capture image sequences of biological function in vivo. This talk will describe the first in vivo phase contrast x-ray imaging at a laser-driven compact x-ray source. The Munich Compact Light Source, built by Lyncean technologies and <10 x 5 m in size, utilises inverse Compton scattering to produce several 1010 photons per second in a quasi-monochromatic, low-divergence x-ray beam. This enables propagation-based phase contrast imaging of cm-sized samples with <100 ms exposure times, applied here to pre-clinical respiratory research.

Imaging quantum gases

Dr Lincoln Turner, Monash University

Abstract: Quantum gases are the coldest-known stuff in the universe. Great control over potentials and interactions coupled with measurements approaching quantum limits make quantum gases adept quantum simulators and precise quantum sensors. Almost all measurements of quantum gases are derived from images, but quantum gases can be tricky targets to image, as every photon absorbed is an atom lost. This talk will describe approaches to coherent diffractive imaging of ultracold gases, and report on recent results with the potential to go beyond the optical diffraction limit by applying MRI methods with optical spin readout.

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