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Student Prizes at ANZCOP 2017

13 Dec 2017 10:28 AM | Simon Fleming

The AOS congratulates the following students for excellent papers and presentations at the very successful, AOS cosponsored, ANZCOP conference last week in Queenstown, NZ. These papers resulted in the award of the following prizes.

James Spollard, Australian National University PhD student, won the SPIE prize. This prize is a consequence of our MoU with SPIE and includes $1500 towards attending an SPIE conference. The photo shows Jim Oschmann, Vice-President of SPIE awarding the prize.

Sara Lau, University of Queensland PhD student, won the OSA prize for best oral presentation. This cash prize is a consequence of our MoU with the OSA. The photo shows Ursula Gibson, Vice-President of OSA awarding the prize.

Calida Tang, University of Sydney senior undergraduate student, won the Wanda Henry prize. This cash prize is awarded each year at ACOFT (one of the constituent events of ANZCOP). The photo shows Simon Fleming, President of AOS awarding the prize.

The Dodd-Walls Centre, ANZCOP cosponsor, also provided several student poster prizes.

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