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[CLOSED] Senior R&D Optical Engineer at MicroTau, Sydney

25 Jun 2021 12:26 PM | Anonymous

MicroTau is looking for an experienced optical engineer to develop a prototype micropattern UV projection systems for scalable photolithography.

The UV projection system or ‘optical engine’ is a free-space optical system consisting of a coherent light source and free space optics for beam shaping, and a diffractive optic for pattern generation. A functioning breadboard system currently exists, but the system requires further development for improved output efficiency, beam quality and system stability. This will require lens design & simulation (Zemax, or equivalent) and system testing. Knowledge of laser systems and Fourier optics is desirable.

You will work with a team of engineers and scientists to mature the selection of laser light source, beam shaping optics, feedback sensors and mounting system. The end result will be the manufacture or assembly of a feature complete system that can be duplicated at need.

You will be expected to lead the development of the optical engine to a set timeframe and identify the need for any extra resources that may be required to meet this timeframe. You will be responsible for procuring and working with a team to assemble the required components for the first prototype and to perform stress tests of the system in a production environment.

The ultimate end goal of the technology will be to develop a system that is capable of micropatterning large surface areas (e.g. transport aircraft) in a hangar environment at relatively high speed. Only the first phase of planned optical systems development, on the road to scale manufacture, has been described. Future work will involve performance improvements, notably increasing the range of working conditions and tolerances of the system.

This is a full-time role and will have the opportunity to grow the optical engineering team in the near future. We are ideally looking for an optical engineer who wants to, and is able to, manage an expanded team, and who would be willing to grow with our company.

Key Responsibilities

       Designing, assembly and testing of prototype free-space optical systems for the generation of UV micropatters. This will require: Lens design, selection, and possible outsourced manufacture; characterisation of optical systems and components; and developing supplier network(s).

       Ongoing RnD to improve the projection systems to accommodate different application methods, notably working tolerances, output efficiency, and vibrational resistance.

       Integration & installation of optical systems in new and existing equipment for performance evaluation.

       Liaising with colleagues and third parties to coordinate design, installation and maintenance of optical systems for in house and external project work

       Provide input into the production requirements for commercial and/or in-house systems (from prototype).

About You

       Degree in Optics or Optical Engineering (or equivalent)

       Experience and demonstrated capability in developing and prototyping free space optical systems (esp. holography), optimising output characteristics of the system.

       Working knowledge of laser systems and beam shaping systems. Knowledge of Fourier optical systems is highly advantageous.

       Experience with lens simulation (Zemax, Code-V, etc) and CAD software. Aspherical lens design will be required.

       Up to date knowledge of optical, optomechanical, and laser suppliers.

       Experienced in research and development and project management.

Why MicroTau?

MicroTau prints nature’s surfaces to solve human problems.

Plants and animals in nature have useful surface properties such as antireflective moth eyes, self-cleaning lotus leaves and Mako sharks that swim efficiently through the water. These properties arise due to microscopic patterns on the surface of the plant or animal. If you can replicate those microstructures you can create those valuable properties.

MicroTau prints these surfaces with our scalable microfabrication technology. Our focus is drag-reducing shark skin microstructures to improve efficiency through air and water. These surfaces can save billions of dollars and millions of tonnes of carbon across aerospace, maritime and energy production industries.

MicroTau is also a social place to work – you will get to know everyone in the company through coffee breaks, Bahn Mi Friday’s and Cocktail Bingo. You’ll have an opportunity to get to know and interact with a wide range of people and skill sets from engineers to physicists.

MicroTau is an equal opportunity employer, we welcome diversity, and we believe that it benefits everyone. Employment at MicroTau is based solely on a person's merit and qualifications directly related to professional competence. MicroTau does not discriminate against any employee or applicant based on their race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, national origin, disability, age, or marital status.

The role will be based at MicroTau in Sydenham NSW.


To apply for the position please complete an online application form with your resume and cover letter. Please highlight or include examples of previous experience in optical systems design and manufacture. Should you have any questions please email

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