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Data Scientist Employment Opportunity with BuildingIQ

Location: Sydney CBD

An employment opportunity for a talented PhD student, post-doc or researcher in case someone might be interested within your centre/school. Be much obliged if you could circulate within internal mailing lists.

We’re an energy efficiency start-up (BuildingIQ, venture-backed by Siemens and Schneider Electric) and we’re currently on the look-out for a talented data scientist to join our data science & engineering team in the Sydney CBD. Desirable skills include a strong math/stats/physics background, R&D experience, solid computing skills, communication skills & team-player.

Full job description can be found here

Company information here

More info on what we do from a recent presentation at the Matlab/MathWorks conference in Sydney in 2014 can be found here

Closes 2015-03-18. More information...