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ANZCOP21 - Program Schedule

Below you will find the full program schedule for ANZCOP21, running over November 18-19, 2021.

Unless indicated otherwise, all times are given in Australian Eastern Daylight Time - AEDT (Sydney/Canberra/Melbourne).

Local start times in your time zone are:

  • New Zealand - 2 hours later
  • Queensland - 1 hours earlier
  • South Australia - 30 minutes earlier
  • Western Australia - 3 hours earlier 

Thursday November 18

Session ThP - Plenary session

Session chair: A/Prof. Frederique Vanholsbeeck, University of Auckland

Session times: New Zealand: 17:00-18:20,   Sydney (AEST): 15:00-16:20,   Adelaide: 14:30-15:50,    Brisbane: 14:00-15:20,   Perth: 12:00-13:20

 Time (AEDT) Item Speakers
14:00 Welcome  Prof. Igor Aharonovich
University of Technology, Sydney

Plenary address:
Sculpted light-one good turn deserves another

Prof. Halina Rubinsztein-Dunlop,
University of Queensland 
15:00  ANZOS Prize presentations, 2020 and 2021

Prof. John Harvey, (ANZOS Past-president)
University of Auckland
Prof. John Holdsworth, (ANZOS President)
University of Newcastle

 15:20  Coffee break
 15:35  Poster session 1 Your hub champion
 16:35  Discussion panel - Your future in optics and photonics Prof. Cather Simpson,
University of Auckland
 17:50-   Hub-based networking Your hub champion

Friday November 19

Full day schedule

 Session code  Session Auckland Sydney  Adelaide  Brisbane 
 FrA  1. Nonlinear optics and plasmonics 11:00-12:30   9:00-10:30 8:30-10:00  7:30-9:00 
   Coffee break   12:30-13:00  10:30-11:00 10:00-10:30  9:00-10:00 
 FrB  2. Metadevices and quantum optics 13:00-14:30   11:00-12:30  10:30-12:00  10:00-11:30
 FrP  Lunch and Poster session 2 14:30-15:30   12:30-13:30  12:00-13:00  11:30-12:30
 FrC  3. Integrated devices and materials  15:30-17:00  13:30-15:00  13:00-14:30  12:30-14:00
  Coffee break 
17:00-17:30   15:00-15:30 14:30-15:00   14:00-14:30

 4. Novel imaging and characterisation 
    + Student prizes and closing

17:30-19:15   15:30-17:15 15:00-16:45   14:30-16:15

Session Fr-A: Nonlinear optics and plasmonics

Chair: Dr Shahna Haneef, University of Auckland

Session times: New Zealand: 11:00-12:30,   Sydney (AEDT): 9:00-10:30,   Adelaide: 8:30-10:00,    Brisbane: 8:00-9:30,   Perth: 6:00-7:30

 Paper number  Time (AEST) Speaker Title
 FrA-1 (Invited)  9:00-9:30 Dr Miro Erkintalo
University of Auckland
Spontaneous breaking of polarisation symmetry in nonlinear resonators
 FrA-2  9:30-9.50

Mr Liam Quinn
University of Auckland

Random number generation using spontaneous symmetry breaking in a Kerr resonator
 FrA-3  9.50-10.10 Mr Geraud Hennin Arencibia 
University of Auckland
Catching quantum jumps through heterodyne monitoring of a thermal drive
 FrA-4  10.10-10.30

Dr Alessandro Tuniz 
University of Sydney

Revisiting plasmonic sensors: a non-Hermitian perspective

Coffee break and networking (30 mins)

Session FrB: Metadevices and quantum optics

Chair: Dr Rocio Camacho, Australian National University

Session times: New Zealand: 13:00-14:30,   Sydney (AEDT): 11:00-12:30,   Adelaide: 10:30-12:00,    Brisbane: 10:00-11:30,   Perth: 8:00-9:30

 Paper number  Time (AEST) Speaker Title
 FrB-1 (Invited)  11:00-11:30 Dr Daria Smirnova
Australian National University
Topological photonics with all-dielectric nanostructures 
 FrB-2  11:30-11.50 Dr Yana Izdebskaya 
Australian National University
Magnetic tuning of liquid crystal metasurfaces
 FrB-3  11.50-12.10 Ms Ritika Ritika
University of Technology, Sydney
Coupling spin defects in a layered material to nanoscale plasmonic cavities
 FrB-4  12.10-12.30 Mr Shaban Sulejman
University of Melbourne
Classical ghost phase imaging using optical metasurfaces

Lunch break and posters (60 mins)

Session FrC: Integrated devices and materials

Chair: Dr Haoran Ren, Macquarie University

Session times: New Zealand: 15:30-17:00,   Sydney (AEST): 13:30-15:00,   Adelaide: 13:00-14:30,    Brisbane: 12:30-14:00,   Perth: 10:30-12:00

 Paper number  AEST (Sydney) time Speaker Title
 FrC-1 (Invited)  13:30-14:00 Dr Andreas Boes
RMIT University
Unlocking all-optical processing with lithium thin-film niobate
 FrC-2  14:00-14:20 Mr Saurabh Bhardwaj 
Macquarie University
Morphology of femtosecond laser inscribed point-by-point Bragg gratings
 FrC-3  14:20-14:40

Dr Ziyuan Li
Australian National University

GaAsSb nanowire array based filter-free wavelength-selective photodetectors
 FrC-4  14:40-15:00 Ms Sophie Muusse
University of Adelaide
Independent absorption and extrinsic scatter measurements in low loss glasses

Coffee break and networking (30 mins)

Session FrD: Novel imaging and characterisation

Chair: Dr Rohan Glover, University of Adelaide

Session times: New Zealand: 17:30-19:20,   Sydney (AEST): 15:30-17:20,   Adelaide: 15:00-16:50,    Brisbane: 14:30-16:20,   Perth: 12:30-15:20

 Paper number  AEST (Sydney) time Speaker Title
 FrD-1 (Invited) 15:30-16:00 Dr Jiawen Li
University of Adelaide
Freeform 3D printed micro-lenses for optical coherence tomography probes
 FrD-2 16:00-16:20 Dr Lu Peng
University of Adelaide
Particle size characterisation using a multimoded fibre
 FrD-3 16:20-16:40 Dr Mickael Mounaix
University of Queensland
Spectrally resolved point-spread-function engineering using scattering media
 FrD-4 16:40-17:00 Dr Michael Taylor
University of Queensland
Heterodyne Brillouin microscopy for biomechanical imaging
 Closing session 17:00-17:20     Student prizes and conference closing remarks

List of posters

PA - Quantum optics and non-classical light sources

Prof. Geoff Pryde

Griffith University

Detection-loophole-free quantum steering with vector vortex states

Dr Jihua Zhang

Australian National University

Single-shot characterization of two-photon distinguishability with dielectric metasurfaces

Dr Sergei Slussarenko

Griffith University

Experimental quantum channel correction via heralded amplification

Mr Soroush Khademi

University of Queensland

Conditional quantum states of macroscopic objects at room temperature

Mr Jordan Scarabel

Griffith University

Zeeman sub-level Raman sideband cooling with 171Yb+

Mr Kenji Shimizu

Griffith University

Ultrafast coherent excitation of an Ytterbium ion with single laser pulses

Mr. Jacob Ngaha

University of Auckland

A better method for calculating filtered photon correlations

Dr Mehran Kianinia

University of Technology, Sydney

Creation and properties of spin-bearing defects in hBN

Ms Sabrina Slimani

University of Adelaide

Developing a space-based quantum-secure time transfer system

Mr Ben White

University of Adelaide

Towards a compact ytterbium magneto optical trap for use in precision timekeeping applications

Dr Zachary Koumi

University of Adelaide

Determining the advantage of Quantum Lidar

Dr Sri Kasi Matta

RMIT University

Low bandgap Janus semiconductors from carbon and nitrogen family of elements - property analysis through Density Functional Theory

Prof Michael Steel

Macquarie University

Quantum engineering the effective optomechanical coupling

PB - Novel lasers and nonclassical light sources

Dr. Jinyong Ma

Australian National University

Photon-pair generation enhanced by extended resonances in metasurfaces

Mr. Chi Li

University of Technology, Sydney

Scalable and Deterministic Fabrication of hBN Quantum Emitter Arrays

Mr Alexander Elliott

University of Auckland

Quantum states of light generated from a single atom through cavity-assisted Raman transitions

Ms Lesley Spencer

University of Technology Sydney

Coupling spin defects in hexagonal boron nitride to monolithic bullseye cavities

Mr Simon White

University Of Technology Sydney

Phonon dephasing and spectral diffusion of quantum emitters in hexagonal Boron Nitride

Dr Zaiquan Xu

University of Technology Sydney

Enhanced spin readout in hBN via coupling to nanoscale plasmonic cavities

Mr. Zachary Holmes

University of Adelaide

Delay-limited phaselocking for stable narrow-linewidth laser diodes

Ms Georgia Bolingbroke

University of Adelaide

Single-frequency 1950nm, 1980nm, and 2035nm thulium-doped fiber lasers

Mr Alexandros Kolovinos

University of Adelaide

Optimisation of dispersion-compensation fiber length in a SESAM-Soliton hybrid mode-locked laser

PC - Metadevices and nanophotonics

Prof. Judith Dawes

Macquarie University

Nanorubies for multiplexed imaging of cells

Dr Quanlong Yang

Australian National University

Terahertz topological meta-devices

Professor Ann Roberts

University of Melbourne

Meta-optics for edge detection and enhanced phase contrast imaging

Mr Sangeeth Soman Thandasseril

University of Technology, Sydney

Polarisation-independent gratings for high-reflectivity LCoS in near-infrared

Ms. Luyao Wang

Australian National University

Tunable metasurfaces with electro-optic materials

Mr. Heyou Zhang

University of Melbourne

Direct assembly of single nanocrystal arrays

Mr Ibrahim Al-Ani

University of New South Wales, Canberra

Strong coupling in all-perovskite metasurface via bound state in the continuum

Mr. Fanlu Zhang

Australian National University

Selective area growth of InGaAs/InP multiple quantum well nanowire for optoelectronic device applications

Mr Declan Armstrong

University of Queensland

Aberration correction for printed microstructures

PD - Optomechanics and Brillouin scattering

Mr Walter Wasserman

University of Queensland

An integrated platform for superfluid optomechanics

Dr Christopher Baker

University of Queensland

Superfluid Brillouin optomechanics

Miss Amy van der Hel

University of Queensland

Optical-to-mechanical state transfer through feedback in optomechanics

Mr Matthew Garrett

University of Sydney

Microwave photonic notch filter for suppression of multi-band interferers

Mr Luke McKay

The University of Sydney

Ultra-deep image rejection mixer using stimulated Brillouin scattering in a  chip-based platform

Mr Raymond Harrison

University of Queensland

Trapping sound with light

PE - Integrated photonics, optical devices and space-based applications

Miss Paramjeet Kaur

RMIT University

Progress toward the integration of high-speed photodetectors in lithium niobate on insulator photonic circuits

Mr Oliver Bickerton

University of Sydney

CMOS-compatible high-efficiency silicon photodetector with suspended nano-photonic structures

Mr Long Qiang

University of Sydney

Generalised sixth order dispersion solitons

Ms Rebecca Russell

RMIT University

Simulation and design of circulators in lithium niobate on insulator

Mr Jonathan Hedger

University of Adelaide

Measuring the fundamental thermal phase fluctuations in a passive fibre resonator

Mr Pierce Qureshi

University of Auckland

Soliton linear-wave scattering in a Kerr microresonator

Dr Timothy Davis

University of Melbourne

Ultra-fast vector imaging of surface plasmon polaritons

Dr Alessandro Tuniz

The University of Sydney

Terahertz bend losses in cm-scale polyurethane flexible hollow-core fibers

Mr Daniel Dahl

University of Queensland

High-dimensional Stokes-space Spatial Beam Analyser

 Nusrat Alim

University of New South Wales

Personal Thermal Management with Large Scale Kevlar Textile

Mr Sam Dekkers

Monash University

Optical fibre photodetector for COMET Phase-I

Mr Luyi Xu

Macquarie University

Fabrication of thermally stable fiber Bragg gratings with high reflectivity for the mid-infrared

Dr Kerry Mudge

Defence Science Technology Group

Laboratory Scintillation Emulator for the Optical Low Earth Orbit Satellite Downlink Channel

Dr Vladimyros (Vladimir) Devrelis

Gadzooks PtyLtd

Cloud free sky comparison for optical ground station sites in Australia

Mr Marcus Birch

Australian National University

The Mount Stromlo Optical Communication Ground Station

PF - Optical sensing, characterisation and biophotonics

Mr Mark Watson

University of Queensland

Successful Intracellular Microrheology of Living Macrophages

Mr Shridhar Manjunath

Australian National University

Biosensing with high Q-factor dielectric metasurfaces

Mr Ziqian Zhang

University of Sydney

Centimetre-spatial-resolution photonic radar using low-speed electronics

Dr. Shahna Muhammad Haneef

University of Auckland

Distributed temperature and strain measurements at an active plate-bounding fault using fiber optic sensors

Mr Darcy Smith

University of Adelaide

Machine learning for sensing with a multimode exposed core fiber specklegram sensor

Mr Mohammad Istiaque Reja

University of Adelaide

Simultaneous measurement of high temperature and pressure using pure silica microstructured optical fiber

Dr Mikolaj Schmidt

Macquarie University

Probing the electromagnetic response of dielectric antennas by vortex electron beams

Mr Ling Zhang

University of Technology, Sydney

Trapped aerosol sizes in dual beam optical fiber-based traps

Dr Jamie Laird

University of Melbourne

System for high speed transient absorption microscopy

Ms Caitlin Smith

University of Auckland

Quantitative photoacoustic velocimetry technique using multi-angle observations

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